Frutti del Castello

Frutti del Castello is an exhibition of ancient fruits, flowers, plants, agricultural and handicraft products, held at the Paderna Castle in Pontenure (Piacenza).

Born in October 1996, it is one of the longest-running events dedicated to horticulture on the Italian scene. In May 2015, the historic autumn exhibition was accompanied by a spring edition dedicated exclusively to gardening.

The event is a meeting and comparison point for operators, scholars, institutions and enthusiasts who have as their objective the research and protection of ancient and forgotten essences, environmental education and the renewal of the plant heritage, with particular attention to local territorial peculiarities. Furthermore, since the first edition it has been proposed to highlight biodiversity as an essential value.

The 160 exhibitors and 14,000 visitors of the last autumn edition testify to a growing interest and affection.

FULL admission € 10.00
REDUCED admission € 8.00
Presale, groups of at least 15 people, Touring Club members
For children up to 14 years and non self-sufficient disabled people

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