The Glories of Elisabetta Farnese

Exhibition at Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza will host from 2 December to 7 April with the title

‘The Glories of Elisabetta Farnese’

The exhibition entitled “The Glories of Elisabetta Farnese. Portrait of a Queen”, dedicated to Elisabetta Farnese, Queen of Spain, a woman of great ambition and intelligence, will be hosted in the Ducal Chapel of Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza from 2 December to 7 April. Curated by Antonella Gigli and Antonio Iommelli with the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Parma, the exhibition will focus on a cycle of paintings known as the Fasti di Elisabetta.

This pictorial cycle, created in the first half of the eighteenth century by Ilario Mercanti, known as Spolverini, depicted historical events with great realism and a wealth of detail. These paintings, together with other artistic treasures of the Farnese, were transferred to Naples at the request of Charles of Bourbon, son of Elizabeth and Philip V.

After almost 300 years since their stay in Naples, six paintings from the pictorial cycle will be exhibited in Piacenza for the first time. This exhibition will also include 20 works from public and private collections, thus offering a better understanding of the greatness and extraordinary culture of Elisabetta Farnese, a singular figure whose ambitious spirit and intelligence were admired by her contemporaries.

The narrative of the exhibition will be enriched by video projections and holograms, which will reconstruct places and environments, offering visitors an immersive experience in the history of Elisabetta Farnese.

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